Kirsten was such a pleasure to work with! We created a bridal look to enhance her lovely blue eyes and used a combination of blush hues into brown tones of eyeshadow which really made her eyes pop. Stunning photography by Alexandra Graham, visit: http://www.alexandragraham.co.za



Tarryn looked like an old-world movie star on her wedding day. All the elements of her look came perfectly together to complete this vintage look, and she was gorgeously photographed by the talent of Justin Davis Photography, please visit: http://www.justindavisphotography.co.za



Jo-Ann was my first auburn- haired bride, and I just couldn’t get enough of her exquisite colouring! We did a makeup look that played up the green of her eyes, and we worked with, and enhanced, her natural curls to form an elegant, soft updo- showing off what is truly her! Beautiful photography by Heather Huss, for more of the wedding please follow the link: http://heathyrhuss-photography.co.za/wedding-langkloof-roses-jo-ann-andrew



Alice has such natural grace and poise about her, that from the first time I met her I knew she would make an exquisitely breathtaking bride. Gorgeous photography by Moira West, visit: http://www.moirawest.com



Danielle made a striking model for a shoot I was involved in, featuring gowns and bridal embellishments. Dream-like photography by Illuminate Photography, visit: http://www.illuminatephotography.co.za/




The gorgeous Vivienne was another one of my Snow-White-like brides, with those dark locks and milky clear skin. We kept her makeup look simple, elegant and clean, with accent on the eyes. Photography by Dear Heart, visit: http://www.dearheartphotos.com/